Nutraceuticals from the Netherlands

We focus on research, development and commercialization of Innovative Solutions
intended to improve
Health Level in Poultry and Livestock farms!


AVESAFE BV is a young company in The Netherlands which was founded in 2012 by an experienced and skilled team of professionals in order to create new solutions and innovative feed premixures and Vet Pharmaceuticals. In one word, AVESAFE is a producer of Innovative Nutraceuticals. We have focused on the most useful formulations and will introduce new healthy and functional ones continuously.

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We believe to produce Nutraceuticals and Veterinary Medicinal Products, called VMPs hereafter, by which not only the acceptable profit of all circles of the production chain has been considered, but also the farmers and the end users, feel and observe the real benefits in the Health Management of the farms, so at the end of the day all will be happy. The scientists who are in the network of AVESAFE R&D team, have prepared several innovative products (with registered trademarks and Patents), classified in different categories and will grow up and result in next generations like as a Big Evolution, especially due to the feedbacks which we continuously receive from the farmers and other technical parties. AVESAFE is open for joint venture agreements to research for and formulate new products, and is a member of the International GMP⁺ organization by which we guarantee our Responsibility and the High Quality of the products for all the customers.

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Why Choose Us?

AVESAFE is always responsible for the products and customers. This Responsibility starts by the 1st order delivered to the distributors and whole-salers and continues to the end customers all over the world.

Newest Technologies

By which, we are sure about high stability, solubility, and efficacy of AVESAFE products. These Technologies will end in the products which are always fresh and efficient.

Fair Prices

Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Health Protocols are based on Cost - Benefit balance. we try to take care about it in your Farm.

Taking Care of Nature

Very soon we all live in a 10 billion planet called as our shared home; EARTH. Less pollutants, Less residues, More Safety for Human, Animals and Nature.

End User Satisfaction

You always feel happy and winning, as long as use AVESAFE products. be sure that we will help you to HIGHLIGHT YOUR FARM!


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AVESAFE BV is a Dutch registered company. Kindly feel free to send us your requests and ask your questions.

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