Zinc in Poultry

Why Poultry needs more ZINC in Diet?

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Zinc is an important nutrient in Poultry and animal metabolism

Zinc (Zn) is one of the essential elements in plant and animal life. Zinc deficiency in animals was not recognized till 80 years ago, until 1934 (Mahmood H. M. Amen, Hazim J. Al-Daraji 2012).

In poultry, zinc is actually needed not only as a nutrient but can also be used as a dietary supplement to manipulate the reproductive system of the birds. Zinc is a trace element that is necessary for normal growth and maintenance and includes among other functions like as bone development, feathering, enzyme structure and function, and appetite regulation for all avian species. (Batal et al, 2001), Dietary zinc is relatively nontoxic to animals and humans; both exhibit considerable tolerance to high intakes of zinc (Fosmire,1990).

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