YuQiponin 15

A Successful Feed Factory Director always looks for natural additives, make the clients more satisfied, by managing nutrition and health problems of the animals, or increasing the value of the feed and result in less FCR, so more profit.

Inappropriate absorption, High fecal Ammonia, and odor, … are some of the main problems that usually occurred during the rearing and production periods. They not only cause the waste in the feed but also make the animals more susceptible to the diseases.

YuQiponin 15 is an aromatic natural feed additive, legally allowed to be added to the feed of all species (Poultry, Pigs, Fish & Ruminants), to solve these problems besides other positive effects. It includes high amounts of Saponins1, derived from the two major natural sources; Quillaja Saponaria and Yucca Schidigera, mostly grown in Latin America especially deserts in Chile.



Benefits of YuQiponin 15 in Animal feed;

Better absorption of substances; The effects of Saponins are attributed to their action on the cell membranes. Aglycone moiety of saponins has an affinity to cholesterol part of cell membranes. It increases the permeability of intestinal mucosal cells, and subsequently increases the absorption of some substances whose passage through the epithelium is normally somewhat restricted.

Increasing the absorption surface; several studies comparing with AGPs, Yeasts, probiotics, etc, have shown that Saponins have a great positive effect on intestinal crypts, villi, and microvilli in different species.

Reduce the Ammonia; Many studies have revealed that yucca contains polyphenol which has ammonium-binding activity. In diets, yucca Saponins pass through the gastrointestinal tract unabsorbed and excretes in the feces and prevents Ammonia from releasing into the air. So it helps to reduce the fecal odor and improve air quality.

The antiprotozoal action of Saponins; which is related to their interaction with the sterol moiety present in the membrane of protozoa, then causes lysis.

Other benefits; Yucca extract is a potential agent for reducing serum and yolk cholesterol concentration, improving egg weight, feed efficiency, and decreasing the egg cracks.

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