Copper has been added to animal feed since time immemorial. Copper has a positive influence on the animal’s gastro intestinal flora.

Copper is vital in the body as a component or cofactor in enzyme systems involved in iron transport and metabolism, red blood cell formation and immune function. It is involved in both cell-mediated immunity (helping to eliminate invading bacteria) and humoral immunity (helping to produce antibodies). These and other functions make copper even more essential where antibiotics are either limited or banned in diets completely. 

What's AveCopp?

  • AveCopp is an organic complex of copper salts. AveCopp contributes to the bird’s intestinal health as an antimicrobial agent against E. coli, salmonella, etc., and in protecting cells from free radical damage.


  • It contains 100 gram of organic bound copper (Cu) per liter of the product.

Therapeutic effects

The following benefits can be gained in practice:

  • Retards the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms and Lowering disease challenges
  • Works optimally for good digestion (healthy manure)
  • Animal therefore gets the maximum yield from the feed (improved feed conversion)
  • Stimulated the growth
  • Reducing stress effects
  • Empower Antioxidant effects


  • Stressful conditions
  • disease challenges and Environmental impact


  • Depending on the need, a dosage consists of 50- 100 ml Intra Mineral Copper per 1000 liters of drinking water
  • In liquid feed, 75% of the drinking water norm is dosed (100 ml per 1000 liters drinking water = 75 ml per 1000 kg liquid feed).

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