Premixtures - in either liquid or solid form - can contain one or more feed additives, with similar or different functions. These premixtures are a complex mix of Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and other nutritional additives that is great to add to the basic feed mix. Formulated by our scientists and professional experts to specifically covers livestock feed needs.

AvESel Plus

Oral solution of Vit E+ Zinc + Selenium for Poultry. A unique product developed after several years of studies, researches and experiences.


Organic complex of Zinc, contains 100’000 mg of easily absorbable Zinc per liter of the product.


An organic complex of Cu salts!


This is based on the combination of Zn and Cu and all the benefits...


AveCalcin is a product based on Vit D, Calcium, Magnesium, and ... in the last steps of the R&D Department!


The family of AvESel has different members; AvESel 50, AvESel 100, AvESel 150, and AvESel 200!


a combination of nutritional ingredients that will help optimize the functions of liver!


The synergetic combination of the compounds corrects dehydration and improves feed intake in times of stress.


The magical product that is formulated and adjusted for Stress.

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