Cheeeeeep! Cheeeeeeep.!

I’m hungry! Cheeeeep! I need feed!

In the past, I was looking for feed as soon as I came out of the egg. I was walking around and looking for seeds, worms, water and food waste in the backyard.

But now, I have to wait some hours! From hatchery to farm; close or far, on the Trolleys or Trucks!

And as soon as I arrive, there are thousands of chicks looking for feed, compete and fight each other for more feed.

Oh! What a good farmer! He has expanded all the feed on the papers, so we all have easy access to it. What a kind solution! What’s the name of this paper?

Wow! It’s named as me; … Chick paper!

What is it?

a special type of paper for the poultry industry;

  • attracts and makes easy access to the feed and water for the birds,
  • highly absorbs bird droppings,
  • provides birds with a warmer floor cover,
  • 100% bio-degradable within 3-5 days.


So what?

  • Better weight gain in the first 7 days,
  • Better ending weights and FCR,
  • Better uniformity,
  • Makes the environment of the chickens hygienic,
  • Prevents the chickens from pecking at the droppings.


How can I use it?

Rolled out it under the drinkers and sprinkle with chicken feed (like as image). Just do it!

What’s the specification?

  • weight 43 g/m2
  • 2 rolls of 200 meter per box
  • Rough surface
  • Colour: green

Customized chick paper is also available. These will be cut to size, according to your poultry stable

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