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AvESel Plus

Oral solution of Vit E+ Zinc + Selenium for Poultry. Unique product developed after several years of studies, researches and experiences.

Best of Both Worlds!


A complete family with different members; Liquid blend of feed grade Acids and other feed additives; Lactic, Propionic, Formic, and ...

Start Good, Finish Ahead!


Organic complex of Zinc, contains 100’000 mg of easily absorbable Zinc per liter of the product.

Means Invulnerability!

AveBronch 1

Great Innovation based on Essential oils, Trace elements and ... Please Wait! It will be born before next Year!

Keep Calm!


The family of AvESel has different members; AvESel Base, AvESel Mid, AvESel, AvESel Max, and AvESel Pro!

Just Do Your Best!


AveCalcin is a product based on Vit D, Calcium, Magnesium, and ... in the last steps of R&D Department! The composition will be announced as soon as Finalized!

Discover Soon!

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