Who we are?

Our Story

AVESAFE is an innovative producer of a wide array of high-quality Feed Additives, Veterinary Medicinal Products, Premixtures, Biocides, etc based in Schiphol-Rijk, the Netherlands. We focused on bringing the highest quality products to the global level companies. This company founded by three old friends, each one with about 20 Years of experience in the Neutraceuticals industry, in 2012; with the trio have gone from a small idea in mind to successfully launch our own company and scaling our operations subsequently.

The qualified and experienced team of professionals employed by us work round the clock to provide products that are genuine and effective. In conclusion, we are proud of the services which we provide for our esteemed customers.

We learned a lot in this journey and we are learning though. We believe in establishing strong partnerships to organize production channels for terms.

Our Directors


How do we think?

We believe to produce Nutraceuticals and Veterinary Medicinal Products, by which not only the acceptable profit of all circles of the production chain has been considered, but also the farmers and the end-users, feel and observe the real benefits in the Health Management of the farms, so at the end of the day all will be happy.

Our Vision

Our Values

  • Always have something new to suggest to our customers. In other words, to be attractive to the customers.
  • To do our best for rising customer satisfaction day by day by our product quality.
  • Teamwork and mutual trust and respect inbound.
  • To know that we are indebted to nature, and to be thankful for mother nature; So, save the green, save the planet.
  • Most importantly, never stop being innovative.

What do we do?

Our Mission

To produce the products which will lead us to raise levels of health and productivity for the Poultry and Livestock farms by using high-tech lines, high-quality raw materials alongside technical knowledge for not only local but the European and Asian Market by not overlooking over other global opportunities to make less stakes for poultry farms, humans and the environment.

Product Range

We manufacture Functional Feed Premixtures and Veterinary Medicinal Products. These are mainly water-soluble powders, oral liquids and specialties like as cleaning agents and biocidal substances. We actively obey the latest European Regulations and GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines to keep the quality always guaranteed.

Why choose us?

When it comes to business it is everyone’s right to know more about the company they are dealing with, here we are pleased to proudly introduce AVESAFE B.V. and give you the chance to get to know us better. Below are the reasons why to choose us:

Strong Business Network, Strategic Alliances

We partner with several organizations that share our values. Working together, we help each other grow through cross-promotion. 

Quality People

We are extremely proud of our strong team with unmatched knowledge and loyalty from being serious in business.

Products Quality

Quality is a word we use often. But here, we mean it by producing in the homeland of Nutraceuticals, the Netherlands; Strong and well-equipped QC Department; Producing in accordance with best quality assurances like GMP+ and European Regulations.

85% repeat order rate

Keeping our customers satisfied is one of our most important priorities. We seriously seek their satisfaction after the sale. Trying to do so, we have achieved an 85% repeat order rate. Trust us once and you will trust us forever.

Fast inquiry response

Our standard is to reply to emails as fast as possible, especially inquiries. It is our principle to reply to inquiries within 12 hours. We believe this not only helps our customers to feel more secure but also helps our team to successfully run our business.

Free Samples Available

Need samples before putting your order? It is OK. We provide samples for you and samples freight will return when you put the order. It’s fast, free and easily accessible, so why to wait, ask for samples now and you find out the reason why to trust us.

Plan to visit factory?

If you need to visit the factory to assure about the goods and production quality, by considering hygienics it will be available for you to visit our production lines. Just let us know.

Not Just Business

We take pride in what we deliver to customers and tomorrow we will be here for you because we are not a flash-in-the-pan company. History proves that we know you won’t be disappointed.

Market authorization documents

If you want to apply for Market authorization of our products in your country, all the documents for the registration, containing legals and technicals are ready for you here. We made it easier for you to register and use our products.

AVESAFE BV is a Dutch registered company. Kindly feel free to send us your requests and ask your questions.

Also we will be honored if you follow us in social media.

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